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The Clinic

The principal treatment available at the clinic is osteopathy. We also use naturopathic medicine to help you where appropriate and can give advice on nutrition and nutritional medicine.

Women who are pregnant can use osteopaths to help them with the changes in their bodies from conception to birth and beyond. Health advice, help with morning sickness, backache, anti-natal exercise, optimal foetal positioning and advice about labour can all make your special nine months more comfortable and relaxing, and prepare you that you can enjoy the first weeks of your new baby’s life. And don’t forget that your osteopath can help with the care of your baby from the moment of birth onwards. Colic, poor sleeping or feeding and irritability often can be successfully helped with osteopathic care as well as a number of childhood problems.

We are able to provide reports on your condition for employers, doctors or lawyers following industrial injury or road traffic accidents, on your instruction. All patient details are private and confidential.

We can give talks on osteopathy and are available to give advice on occupational health issues relating to the musculo-skeletal system and the back.


Sadly at the moment osteopathy is only available in the private medical sector. Some health care insurance schemes will pay for you to see an osteopath. This may involve a referral to an osteopath from your GP or a hospital consultant but some do not – if you wish to use private health insurance please check with your insurer first to see what they require.

Whatever method of payment you choose, we ask you to pay on an as you go basis. This greatly reduces administration costs and therefore keep treatment costs as low as possible.

Our aim is to make osteopathy available to as many people as possible.

Our current fees:

First Visit: £50
Subsequent Visits: £40